Teacher Internship Program

Brief Description

Native English Speaking Teachers

DuocUC English Program's main objective is to generate among our students an internationally acceptable level of fluency in the English Language. Among the many initiatives developed in order to fulfill our task, our Teacher Internship Program holds an important place since it allows our students to interact with native English speaking teachers from the United Kingdom and the United States. Our experience has proven that this program reveals benefits for all the involved; students, TIP teacher, our permanent staff and the English program as a whole. 

One of the most interesting aspects of this initiative for native English speaking teachers is the opportunity they all get to interact with Chileans, get to know their customs, language, civil organization, food, music and many of the beautiful places this country has to offer. Above all, this experience allows foreign teachers to practice their Spanish or start learning it in the most favorable environment, generate income to support themselves and to teach English to many enthusiastic students who certainly appreciate their teachers' work.

We sincerely invite you to participate and to give yourself a real chance to expand your horizon, gain experience as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, enhance your curriculum, and grow.


For travel arrangements and assistance during your stay in Chile, you may contact www.adetravel.cl or you may write directly to http://www.adetravel.cl/?page_id=12