To apply for a job

Application requirements for EFL/ESL local teachers:

  • Updated resume and digital copies of your diplomas and certificates.
  • Higher Degree in English Language Teaching, BA in Linguistics or Higher Degree in English-Spanish Translation.
  • 1-year teaching experience required for teacher graduates and 2 years for translators and linguists.
  • Valid TOEIC score of 850 points or higher.

Application requirements for foreign EFL/ESL instructors:

  • Updated resume and digital copies of your diplomas and certificates.
  • Valid Chilean ID for foreigners with a Permanent Residence Visa.
  • Higher Degree or BA legalized by the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • TEFL or any other well known international certification in foreign language teaching.
  • 2-year teaching experience required.
  • Mastery of Spanish (B2 Level)

Recruitment procedure:

  1. Job interview with the English Program Campus Coordinator.
  2. Demo-class at Campus level.
  3. Interview with the Campus Director.
  4. Paper work and induction.

DuocUC English Program Staff: 


Name Post Campus Biography Contact Photo
Claudia Duimovic English Program General Coordinator Casa Central Studied at the Universidad de Concepción, Bachelor in Education with Major in English and has a Master degree in Education granted by the PUCV. Loves learning new things mainly related to ELT, and is always studying something new or taking new courses. Likes sharing ideas, material and projects with other colleagues.   contacto
Nancy Castro Crossley. Coordinator of Academic Affairs Casa Central English teacher graduated from Universidad de Concepción. TEFL certified by University of California, Irvine.  TESOL diploma Selkirk College Canada.  Post graduate studies in English Linguistics, Universidad de Chile. Certified in Competency Based Education by Boxhill Institute, Australia.  Her experience includes teaching undergraduate students. She has also taught specialization courses for English teachers and has been the general Academic Coordinator of Corfo project at Duoc UC since 2009. EFL teacher, Teacher Trainer and Coordinator at  DuocUC English Program.    contacto
Juana Farías S. Coordinator of the TIPS Program Casa Central Juani holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interpreting and Translation, with a minor in Communication from the University of Western Sydney; a Diploma in Project Management from the University of New England and a Diploma in Vocational Education in DuocUC.  She became an English teacher in 2009, since then, Juani has attended several TEFL courses including the English Language Teachers Summer Seminar at Oxford University. contacto
Alejandro Araya H. Coordinator of Certification and Multimedia Casa Central Alejandro is an English-Spanish Simultaneous Interpreter and Translator, graduated at ELADI Institute, 1996. TEFL Certified Teacher, Irvine Universiy, California, 2004. Masters Degree on ICT's Management, Universidad Miguel de Cervantes, Spain, 2014. Has attended Training courses on technology, evaluation and languages, at Universidad Oberta de Catalunya, Spain; ETS Princeton, USA and  IPBA Insitute of Languages, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. contacto
Pedro Saldaña Campus Coordinator Padre Alonso de Ovalle English language and English literature graduate from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso. MA. Educational Assessment, IOE, University of London, England, UK. As a participant of the Curriculum Pedagogy and Assessment Programme at the University of London, I joined the Second Language Experience Module from the TESOL Programme at IOE, London, UK. Teaching  experience includes projects for children, young and adult learners, and the elderly,  participated in projects such as the Tomatis Audio-Psycho- phonology Project and DUOC-CORFO Programmes.  contacto
Marcelo Cisterna Campus Coordinator Melipilla Marcelo is a passionate Teacher of English, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Diploma in Anthropocentric studies. Born and raised in Santiago, has led organizations linked to English Language Teaching since 2013. His career path at DUOC includes instructional design counselling for the Business and Administration school, ESP syllabus design for the English Program and currently coordinates the Spanish Language and Communication Program at DUOC Melipilla site. His areas of expertise are related to information technology, design and multimedia content production. contacto
Mónica Casal Campus Coordinator Vespucio  Born in Viña del Mar, studied at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Bachelor in English Language and Literature, Teacher of English and TEFL Diploma.Her experience includes teaching teachnical English at a prestigious University and Communicative English for technicians and professionals who will develop in the areas of engineering, design, advertisement and management.  contacto
Cristian Hernández Campus Coordinator San Carlos de Apoquindo Born in Santiago, EFL teacher, Bachelor´s degree of Education and English Language (Santiago 2008); Master´s Degree in Educational Psychology (Santiago 2013) , his experience includes teaching children, young adults and professionals, has worked in DuocUC since 2008.  contacto
Valeska Gajardo Campus Coordinator Maipú Valeska has emerged as an EFL teacher (UCSH 2000); holds a MA degree in TEFL (UMCE 2010), and also holds a diploma called Formador de Formadores (Duoc UC 2015).  Her expertise goes from pre-school students to adult  students. She has worked in Duoc UC since 2009, where she has tutored teachers of English and  teachers of other careers as well  to improve their pedagogical and communicative skills,  empowering them as facilitators focused on Competency based Learning. She was acknowledged as the best teacher at Plaza Oeste Duoc UC's branch in 2013.  contacto
Manuel Herrera Campus Coordinator (a) Valparaíso   Born in Iquique, Manuel graduated from Universidad de Playa Ancha as Teacher of English and Bachelor in Education. He also holds a Master’s degree in English Language Teaching with a specialism in ICTs and Multimedia from The University of Warwick, UK. Passionate about technology and the integration of it in the EFL classroom. His experience includes working with young learners, adults and pre-service teachers. He has been at Duoc since 2012. contacto
Cristian Barahona Campus Coordinator Alameda Born in Santiago, raised in Los Andes, studied at Universidad de Chile, English Linguistics and literature.  Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Bachelor in Education with major in English, English teacher. TKT test diploma and Practical studies in TESOL, Selkirk College, British Columbia, Canada. His experience includes teaching young learners in TESOL, adults, language coaching for business and international trade English. Consultant in revising International trade documents. Conducted ESP trade and English program regular courses. contacto
Daniela Flores Campus Coordinator Puente Alto English Linguistics and Literature programme graduated and English teacher from Universidad de Chile. Daniela also holds a Master degree in Education from the University of Glasgow, UK. She has been part of our team since 2008, as a teacher and site coordinator. Within our institution, she has also worked as a teachers’ trainer and counsellor.  contacto
Marilyn Palma Campus Coordinator Plaza Oeste Born in Valparaíso, studied at Universidad dePlaya Ancha, English teacher. Her experience includes teaching young people and professionals.  contacto
Patricia Gálvez Campus Coordinator San Joaquín Has a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology, Chile 2013. English - Spanish Simultaneous Interpreter and Translator, graduated from EATRI. Training courses on ESL, TOEIC, TOEFL, IELST and International Business Communication, Hansa, Canada 2013 and 2014. contacto
Sandra Vives Campus Coordinator Antonio Varas Born in Valparaíso, in 1986, studied at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Bachelor in English Language and Literature, and Teacher of English. Sandra Vives also holds a Master’s Degree in EFL and a Bachelor Degree in Education. She has taught professionals in different areas, designed ESP courses and  currently holds the position of Academic Coordinator at Antonio Varas Campus, being responsible for administrative and academic processes, class supervision and evaluation. Her experience also includes Management at prestigious companies. In 2013 she was invited to paticipate in the Oxford Academy, at Exeter College in Oxford University, England. contacto
Paula Rodríguez Campus Coordinator Viña del Mar Working at DuocUC Viña del Mar since 2010.  Studied in Universidad de Playa Ancha, Teacher of English, Bachelor in Education. I love to teach ESP for Graphic Design and to learn new things to share with my colleagues, everyday for me is a new challenge. contacto
Paola Vera Campus Coordinator Concepción English Spanish Translator graduated from Universidad de Concepción. She has a Master degree in Educational Management granted by Universidad San Sebastián and Universidad Europea de Madrid. She has vast experience in teaching English as a second language in different Universities and Institutes in the BíoBío area. Her area of expertise includes Organizational Behavior management, Human Resource management, Strategic Marketing in Education, among others.  contacto
Ximena González Campus Coordinator San Bernardo Studied at Universidad de La Serena, Bachelor in Education with Major in English. Worked as English editor assistant at publishing house for Chilean Ministry of Education in educational resources. Participated teaching for CORFO Project in 2013. Highly motivated teaching children, young learners and adults.  contacto
Carolina Balletta Campus Coordinator Plaza Norte Degree: English Language and Literature (Universidad de Chile)Thesis: “Explorations about Language and Mind”, 2007.Degree in Education with specialization (Universidad de Chile)High school Teacher with a specialization in foreign language (Universidad de Chile) contacto