TOEIC Bridge for students

TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) Bridge is an English proficiency exam for those individuals whose mother tongue is not the English language, this examination has been developed to test users whose command of English mainly goes from beginner to pre intermediate level.


TOEIC Bridge is a measuring tool for both students of the English language and others who need to use English for social or work purposes; thus, it is a reliable test to determine communicative competences.


TOEIC Bridge Exam Format 

TOEIC Bridge consists of a multiple-selection test with a total of 100 questions which are divided into two sections. The test takes 1 hour.


Listening Comprehension Section: Listening comprehension of spoken language is evaluated. This section contains 50 questions divided into 3 different types of questions (Photographs, Short Conversations and Questions and Answers).

Students must listen to spoken statements, questions or brief interactions and choose the best alternative. Total time for completion is 25 minutes.


Reading Comprehension Section: Reading Comprehension of written language is evaluated. This section contains 50 questions and is divided into 2 types of items (Fill in the gap and Reading Comprehension). Students must read different kinds of texts and choose the best alternative possible. Total time for completion is 35 minutes.


Format: TOEC Bridge is a pencil and paper test based on multiple selection items. The test itself takes one hour, however, additional time is required to complete a TOEIC survey included on the answer sheet.  Including this survey, the test will take a total of one hour and thirty minutes for completion.