Schools and Programs

School of Business and Administration

Duoc UC offers a varied and versatile alternative technical and vocational training in the disciplines of management and business. The School of Business and Administration Duoc UC develops the full potential of their students, whether to work for private companies or to embark on their own ventures

School of Communication

In these days, we are highly communicated and connected to one another through different platforms: media, social networks and mobile devices linking us 24 hours a day to people across the globe.

The Duoc UC School of Communication imparts a wide range of studies that will transform students into highly trained professionals that can understand and implement communications in their different languages and forms of expression.

School of Construction

The Duoc UC School of Construction offers a wide range of fields of study that from the first year of study incorporate the latest technology in classrooms, workshops, laboratory equipment and computer support, to enable students to develop all their technical skills.

School of Design

Design can be found everywhere: in the products we use, the containers that protect food, in the spaces we inhabit, in the languages of communication with which we interact, and even in the services that we use on a daily basis. Today, design is transversely part of everything, and there are many industries and economic sectors that generate value through working with design professionals.

The School of Design trains design specialists, who through strong international links and a vision of social innovation can achieve their full development.

School Of Engineering

To meet the great challenges of the XXI century the training of human capital specialized in critical subjects for the development of our society, such as energy, transportation and mining, is required. Those trained in these areas must have the knowledge, skills and attitudes (work skills) in order to make projects become real and reach the development of the countries, while also incorporating technological and interpersonal skills.

The School of Engineering provides Duoc UC students with technical training and Engineering degrees in the areas of maintenance, machinery and mining, Electricity and Automation, and  also Mechanical Automotive and Autotronics technologies.

School of Information Technology and Telecommunications

In the last decades the world has undergone a profound transformation. The technological development, especially in ICT, has not only changed our daily lives, but has created a new world that could not have been imagined before.

In an open and globalized environment that promotes innovation and technology interchanges, the School of Informatics and Telecommunications at Duoc UC seeks to train people who will be the leaders of tomorrow's world, capable of transforming our reality into a world that enriches the lives of people and society in general.

School of Natural Resources

The School of Natural Resources offers various courses aimed at achieving a balance between human needs and the use of natural resources.

School of Health

The School of Health at Duoc UC offers careers with a human, modern, dynamic, innovative and decisive vision of health problems, with a strong ethical basis and using the most modern clinical simulation centers of the country. The school also delivers the tools that allow students to become the best specialist in the area.

School of Tourism

Today tourism in Chile and the world has experienced a strong growth, generating different types of activities ranging from outdoor and eco-tourism, working aboard a cruise, in the culinary and gastronomical sectors, or within airports and hotels, among others.

Duoc UC students will develop language skills in English and Portuguese, work with technological tools related to tourism, and experience the satisfaction of a “job well done” by seeing the smile of satisfied customers.