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 He ido a misiones y trabajos voluntarios, también se reparte lo que se pueda a gente en situasion de calle, aprovechamos de compartir con ellos y se hacen visitas a hogares de menores.

Duoc UC Viña del mar primeros en llegar al Santuario Nacional de Maipú.

Me movilizo en Metro, hasta llegar a la estación Francia.

En general me gusta todas las actividades que se hacen.

En la cafetería del tercer piso, o saliendo de la sede hay unos locales cercanos y baratos donde hay promociones de churrasco, as , completos, entre otros.

Además, contamos con una cancha para poder realizar el deporte con total libertad.

Espectacular XBOX360 C/kinect, nueva en caja sellada, se vende $200.000.

Incluye: kinect, juego, control.

solo efectivo.

Precio Referencia $250.000-260.000




Yo viajo tomando 2 micros. Por paicavi, si vienes del centro. Si vienes de San Pedro, por el puente juan pablo II es mas corto, pero mas seguro es por el llacolen.

Si te mueves en bici, en la subida del cerro hay un cosito para dejar las bicis y si te mueves en auto la sede tiene estacionamiento, en la subida del cerro o arriba en el edificio. Es gratis y estan los guardias de Duoc. Los autos se estacionan por orden de llegada.


Me encantan las actividades de fistas patrias.

Yo viajo siempre en Metro y cargo la tarjeta en la estación donde suelo tomar el metro, que en mi caso suelen ser las estaciones Moneda o Los Héroes

Lo más rápido para optimizar el viaje es siempre por estación Baquedano, ya sea en un viaje de ida o de vuelta.

Fútbol y ping pong. También contamos con una cancha de baby fútbol.


quiero saber si hay talleres de deporte en la sede de valparaiso, me interesa saber ya que quiero inscribirme en voleibol, saber donde, cuando y como uno debe hacerlo para anotarse; por favor me pueden avisar lo antes posible.

muchas gracias

Recuerden que los XV Juegos Olímpicos Duoc UC parten este miércoles con competencias de fútbol, futbolito, tenis, basquetbol, volleybol, tenis de mesa, natación y ajedrez. Participa y apoyando a tu sede!

Generalmente como en la entrada de la sede o en el hall central.

Lo que me gusta del casino es que se puede comer sano. Ademas tiene un menú muy variado.

De picadas, me quedo con La Chorrichela. Las Papas Fritas son lo mejor que tienen.º

Onnces solidarias, misiones, trabajos, caminatas y un montón más. Sí voy a misiones y me encanta.   Tengo programado ir a todas las misiones mientras este en Duoc.

Going out with is never a walk from the recreation area for the majority of couples. You will likely dropped a lot less personal-assured and more difficult in the first day. The quantity of self confidence augments with each date.

Internet dating is a type of courtship. The objective in this romance will be to analyze each and every other's suitability for a partner. You possibly will not have a existence associate just during the 1st number of times. Courting invites an array of awful moves, stumbles, synthetic pas and issues.

The going out with guidelines while in the 20th century have become very comfortable. But, it is advisable to keep selected etiquette. You must not be getting in touch with your time much too frequently nor very a smaller amount. When your going out with area is usually a luxurious diner, don't even though aside time by communicating endlessly that has a pal on the cell phone. It exhibits your ignorance in regards to the particular date.

In case you are going on a time, be punctual about achieving the location in the day. For anybody who is only experienced with that a part of the town, come up with a observe of vehicles which go to that place. In case you pass car gather far more knowledge about the paths.

Arrive in the right outfit.

Harmonize with your particular date regarding appears. The two genders normally have lots of time to search best dating Sites. So a match helps to make the other assume that their campaigns have paid back.

Try to take pleasure in the morning together with your day. It might be easier in theory. You could possibly actually feel unstable to get along with somebody, which you do not know. Having said that you are on a particular date to locate a lifestyle companion, which can be a difficult enterprise. Don't be tightlipped in the time frame. Examine different points have fun. It will assist you to know one another.

Tend not to lie with a night out. Or usually do not try and disguise any upsetting simple truth in your own life. It becomes silly to destroy the chance of delight with a good lifestyle lover for one silly lay.

Whenever you decide on someone to go on a particular date with, achieve this determined by your standards of suitability.Never take the endorsement of your friends.

Relationship is a very creative task. So, it takes an excellent level of offers to be made onward. So, take into account things to say and do during the particular date. All of this can have you are attracted and ways in which much.

Seek advice and provide patient the ears as soon as particular date says a little something. Write about views. Answer issues accurately.

Don't start off dialing or posting information to the date just following returning from getting together with with them. Remain calm, desperation will undoubtedly wreck your possibilities and make them think that you're a stalker. Spend some time.

It's also weak conduct to present untrue targets to a person with whom you've bought no wish of continuing further more with. You could be worried and uneasy to express it, but lying will likely be egotistical and insensitive. Be considerate while informing so but be strong concurrently.

It comes with an nugget of advice that you'll time some frogs well before locating the prince. So, never be busted hearted when your 1st date not go in accordance with your expectations.

Finding someone for a lifetime might not be effortless. You mate will never be slipping from the skies previously mentioned and pleading you to check out supper along with them. So you need to be positive about getting together with more and more people and ultimately deciding on a individual that will remain along for a lifetime.

Stay connected with close friends and acquaintances which might be courting far too. It can be pleasurable to share thoughts about your dates. But, allow this sort of close friends become the perfect effectively-wishers who can help you from the correct route and present you with emotional service if needed.

By no means begin a time which has a individual that has injured all your other worries previously. In some cases you may drawn to stunning those people who are conceited inside and you should not are concerned about our very own sentiments. Search for a balanced romance with individual who will never ever demean you.

It's a bad plan to turn into very available for your time. It might send out undesirable information. Perhaps you shortage anything at all worth it with regards to your daily life or else you sense poor about you. Whomever may believe that you do not have more than enough associates to hang out with or no spot for a take a look at. These can have them that you will be unsociable. It truly is individual who provides a enjoyable and entire lifestyle, who comprises an excellent date.

It's a fact that you must not cover up any aspect in your life for your living associate. But, you ought to never hand out an excessive amount of just during the very first reaching. The likelihood is that you may possibly be declined for performing this. Understanding some 1 has a when so give it time to transpire progressively.

Don't get drunk on a date. Politeness and great manners are always appreciated in the majority of sites.

If you are planning over a initially night out enable the area certainly be a general population position. Fail to go in any secretive nook. Let your buddies be familiar with in which you are planning. Hold your mobile along with you.

Do not give out your own private facts like domestic contact number, addresses or some others on the very first day. You are able to give them gone only right after you're particular that you may have confidence in whomever.

It really is a terrible strategy to acquire love-making around the initially particular date. It can wreck almost everything simply because it gives the perception that you are more interested in acquiring actual with the particular person than looking to get to find out him or her.

Will not time a wedded human being. Since there are next to absolutely no way that he or she will depart their loved one on your behalf. In addition it's gonna invite heartache, gloom and deceit in your relationship. When you are committed oneself get divorced just before courting as this won't be honest over the single man or woman that you are internet dating. Usually discover someone that is psychologically totally free and may participate in you absolutely.

Actividades sociales, sacramentos, liturgias, retiros espirituales.

Generalmente como en la cafetería, simplemente compramos algo para comer y nos vamos al pasto, debajo de los árboles. Las papitas fritas son lo mejor, con katsup o mostaza, siempre compro eso, claro y aprovecho de comprarme otro antes de que se termine :)

Los completos xD.. es una de las cosas que mas como, es que son super ricos, pero también las ensaladas de pollo, esas me fascinan.

Hay también un puesto como al lado de San Carlos 2 donde venden unas fajitas super ricas y a buen precio. 

No te pierdas el evento lanzamiento de JumpUC en Campus San Joaquín UC este miércoles 28 de 11:00 a 15:00hrs.

Es el sushi y los alfajores artesanales. 

La mejor  picada queda en Salvador Sanfuentes de completos clásico y baratos.

El mayor beneficio de tener la credencial, gracias a ella todo es mas rápido y más simple en los trámites, desde pedir un libro en la biblioteca hasta hacer una visita a un centro asociado a Duoc.

Lo mejor del casino de mi sede, es el ambiente ameno que hay en él.

Sala de computación, además hay wifi para conectarse.

Chicos, vendo perfumes originales a bajo costo, tengo de todas las lineas. Cualquier consulta o duda sobre valores me pueden escribir matuterasdelperfumeoriginal@gmail.com.